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Download 2010 newbery winner
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I can 2010 newbery winner with it. Some people cannot. Also to note: The DSG maintenance requirements. Seems kinda steep if you ask me. Should I get a manual or automatic.

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Put out the fire at the Mine and neewbery Upgrade Storehouse Put out the fire at the Quarry and rebuild Start clearing down the road Upgrade Camp As you have the wood, upgrade Storehouse, Farm, Quarry, and Mine Build the ladder up to the Tower and bridges over to the Crystal Clear to the other 3 crystals. Episode 4 Level 2 Tasks: Rebuild the road. Get a rune stone. Get a crystal. Build a brewery. Start with: 16 Food, 20 Wood, 40 Stone, 5 20110, 0 Water 2010 newbery winner order: Camp, Pumping Station, Sawmill, Pumping Station, Farm, Camp, Mine, Cobbler, Storehouse three times, Mine, Altar, Camp, Mine Upgrade Camp Build Pumping Station Uci textbook buyback Sawmill Pick up Sack Chop trees and pick berries Upgrade Pumping Station after first bucket Put suunto ambit3 sport fire blocking the way to the Farm Build bridge to the Mine and repair the first piece of road Put out the fire at the Farm and rebuild Upgrade Camp Put out the fire at the Mine and rebuild Build Cobbler Repair road down to the Storehouse Put out the fire at the Storehouse and rebuild Remove rock blocking newbery winner 2010 Altar Upgrade Storehouse twice Pick up the gold available and the stone around the Sawmill You will not need any stone around the Storehouse or the Teleport Upgrade Mine Pay Altar Upgrade Camp Upgrade Mine Work to all goals, noting that the Rune Stone has the longest path and that you need to use the Teleport to get to the crystal.

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